Our core themes: Assurance

How do we ensure that buildings of the future are safe and high quality in creation and use?

As the uptake of offsite construction grows, we must ensure that new manufacturing-led construction systems are delivered and validated via robust, systematic procedures.

Through our Assurance Framework, the Construction Innovation Hub is championing a rigorous culture of safety and quality within offsite construction. By partnering with industry to achieve standardised products and processes across the supply chain, together we can strive towards safe and resilient buildings that are built to deliver long-term societal outcomes.

We recognise through ongoing challenges posed by climate change and the pandemic; new ways of working must be adopted to enable better outcomes for society and the environment. To support this transition, the Hub is working with industry to ensure that safety, quality and resource efficiency principles are embedded across the whole lifecycle of assets using advanced manufacturing technologies.

Under the Assurance theme of the Hub programme, we are developing guidelines, digital tools and validation processes to ensure that construction can adopt manufacturing-led practices with safety and competency.

The developed schemes and processes will provide confidence to the sector that products, materials and sub-assemblies are consistently safe and secure, have quality ‘built-in’ and conform to the fit, form and function needed by the industry.

Key aspects of the Assurance Framework include:

  • Development and roll-out of tools to help the construction sector drive a zero defects culture, such as the Construction Quality Planning (CQP) process;
  • Creation of a robust product compliance process for Platform approach to Design for Manufacture and Assembly (P-DfMA);
  • Validation processes through physical testing and digital simulations of components and systems for offsite construction;
  • Delivery of an online compliance tool for manufacturers, offsite builders, testing facilities and government bodies;
  • Development of occupational health and safety guidelines for offsite construction industry (P-DfMA approach); and,
  • Production of guidance and best practice for the transportation, lifting, assembly and logistics processes in the offsite construction industry.

As part of the wider Transforming Construction programme, the Assurance Framework will also work with financial institutions to ensure that access to finance, guarantees and insurance-based products can support a wider roll out of new solutions.

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