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Where It All Begins

The Construction Innovation Hub and Class Of Your Own (COYO), supported by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), are proud to present their new film Where it All Begins, as part of a call on the construction industry to support them in attracting the brightest and best upcoming talent. Through capturing the imaginations of younger generations, we can convince them that a career within the built environment is as valid and opportunity-rich as a career in any other sector.

It’s crucial that we stop working in silos and listen to the needs of young people and their teachers. I hope Where it all begins inspires more people to think strategically and work collaboratively to secure the exceptional talent that exists in our schools.”

Alison Watson, CEO, COYO

We know young people need role models from similar backgrounds to them in order to see a potential career path, and Where it all begins does just that. I’d love young people to watch this and be inspired to join us, and head to Go Construct if they want to find out more.”

Lucie Wright, Careers Strategy Manager, CITB

There’s a world of opportunity waiting

As part of the wider mission of the Transforming Construction Challenge, the Hub is committed to helping inspire, nurture and create the next generation of leaders across the built environment. Our technical programme combines with world-leading research to help us understand how the industry must change in terms of skills, capacity, image and innovation to increase productivity and reduce environmental impact. All findings point to the need for a diverse, tech proficient workforce that can lead the transformation and digital evolution of the construction sector.

With the UK government setting its recent climate target for 2035, there is an even greater imperative for our sector to attract the brightest and best emerging STEM talent, in turn securing the future of a decarbonised industry. In an industry that represents endless opportunities for a generation of digital natives, it’s crucial that we help young people to recognise that a career in the built environment presents real scope for progress and innovation.

To support this considerable transformation, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has published the first sector-wide skills plan for construction. CITB have launched the Go Construct website which provides resources for anyone looking for a career in the construction and built environment sector. In addition, COYO has developed “Design Engineer Construct!”, an accredited learning programme aimed at secondary and further education children that focuses on digital building and infrastructure design, engineering and construction.

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