Our core themes: Digital

Digital technologies and innovation present a vital opportunity to improve the way we deliver and extract maximum whole-life value from buildings and infrastructure.

The Construction Innovation Hub’s Digital Framework is helping to quicken the pace towards greater digitalisation in the construction industry. We support and collaborate with the Hub’s three other themes by measuring data against our Value Toolkit, demonstrating compliance with our Assurance Framework and converging with our manufacturing theme and the Platform Design Programme to unlock productivity improvement and performance gains.

The Digital Framework collaborates closely with Government, industry and academia to promote digital ways of working and demonstrate the critical benefits of digital transformation, by providing the guidance and tools required to help the sector adapt and thrive.

We are promoting and demonstrating the potential and benefits of innovative processes, tools and technologies, including Building Information Modelling (BIM) Interoperability. We are creating practical guidance, tools (such as benefits realisation) – and case studies to show why and how organisations should be adopting information management using BIM, Government Soft Landings (GSL) and security-mindedness processes in procurement frameworks, construction projects and in operation.

Through the Digital Framework, the Hub is strongly supporting the development and implementation of the UK BIM Framework which sets out the approach for implementing BIM in the UK using the international ISO19650 series. In conjunction with this, we are also creating tools to help procurers establish what data is required to support decision-making, performance measurement, and how it should be structured, shared and secured. This includes the development of the Foundation Data Model (FDM) seed, which supports the information management approach and can be used with the information generated from our Platform Design Programme.

We are further developing practical ‘Digital Estate’ guidance and a framework which will establish methods and target technology architecture that are required to digitise and connect existing portfolios of built assets. These digital workstreams will create opportunities to explore resilience and high performing built assets through the potential of emerging practices and technologies with demonstrators. This spans digital twinning, smart assets, satellite technology for infrastructure monitoring, and facilitating the digitisation of offsite manufacturing.

We are aligning work undertaken by our Digital Framework with related programmes ongoing in industry and across the wider Transforming Construction Challenge.

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