Keith Waller

Programme Director, Construction Innovation Hub

As Programme Director, Keith is responsible for leading the Hub towards its vision and to achieve its ambitious objectives. As a member of the Hub Board he helps brings together key industry decision makers and experts to shape the Hub’s overall programme of work.

Keith has been involved with the Hub since its inception. After studying Civil Engineering at university, Keith spent 20 years leading construction projects in the UK and overseas before being seconded into government in 2010. He spent time with the Department for Energy and Climate Change before moving into consulting with the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA), where during his tenure, he was responsible for developing the Construction Sector Deal and producing a number of reports and policy documents including Transforming Infrastructure Performance in 2017.

Keith is an outspoken advocate for innovation and collaboration across the construction industry and is particularly proud of how the Hub team has forged such strong relationships across government and industry during the programme, realising that the strength of those relationships is what will help to instil trust and ultimately drive adoption of the solutions the Hub and its partners are developing.

Keith views the role of the Hub as being one that extends beyond the development of technical solutions, to that of a support system for industry, helping to implement transformation in the real world, by building capability and capacity, in a way that brings the whole industry forward, together.