Public Consultation on the proposed LEXiCON Methodology


The Construction Innovation Hub and the Construction Products Association (CPA) have launched an open consultation on the report: ‘LEXiCON Methodology: Creating Relevant Authorities and Achieving Consensus’.

The success of the LEXiCON project is dependent on the processes and structures outlined in this report adequately reflecting the requirements of the built environment, both providers and users of product information. As such, the Hub and CPA would like to hear back from the wider industry on the proposed methodology for the LEXiCON project, comprising the process, platform, and people.

The consultation is seeking a breadth of feedback from UK Construction industry stakeholders, including designers, constructors, commissioning engineers, architects, and contractors; Relevant Authorities; and UK Manufacturers. 

The review period for responses has been extended and will run from Wednesday 07 July 2021 to Thursday 30 September 2021.

Results will inform the next critical phases of this project, with a public update on the consultation results release in October and the proof of concept demonstrator and early adopters programme launched in November 2021.




A webinar is also available to support the consultation [watch here].


There are considerable benefits to the construction industry, and wider sectors, of having well-structured and reliable digital construction product data. This can support improvements in productivity, safety and wider social, economic and environmental outcomes.

The Construction Products Association (CPA) and BRE have worked together in the past on the LEXiCON initiative with the aim of developing a definitive approach to managing the creation, use, storage and preservation of manufacturers product data via product data templates. Many other initiatives and precedents have also emerged in this area in the past few years, and it will be important to both acknowledge and build upon them.

The aim of the LEXiCON project is to support international best practice for the creation and management of product data by standardising the production, use, and management of product data. This will be achieved through the development of a consensus process for the collaborative formation of product data templates and a software platform with a free-to-access industry portal to facilitate the creation, grouping, filtering and verification of parameters to form Product Data Templates. The templates and properties will be made available on a free-to access software platform for wider industry, which will be created by BRE as part of the Construction Innovation Hub programme.

LEXiCON builds on existing efforts and will highlight through demonstrator projects the value of collating and publishing product data templates, taking industry on a journey to align to data dictionary standards and processes, and facilitating the distribution of these to be used throughout the industry.

Submitting your views

Through this consultation, the Hub and CPA would be particularly interested to hear: 

  • specific recommendations in relation to the proposed LEXiCON Methodology;  
  • how informative, organised and clear is the information and concepts shared in the report;
  • perceived benefits and challenges for adoption of the LEXiCON methodology within the construction sector; and
  • expressions of interest for testing the LEXiCON methodology and creating proof-of-concept case studies to demonstrate applicability and lessons learnt. 

A consultation questionnaire has been made available online to collect the consultation replies. This word document has information exchange protocol at its heart and will offer the opportunity to share complimentary and critical feedback as well as solutions. It offers the advantage of being saveable mid completion and can be distributed around an organisation to collate feedback.

Interested parties are requested to use the provided questionnaire to submit comments and return it completed to Comments submitted by any other channels, or by e-mail without using the provided questionnaire, will not be considered.

In addition, a submission will not be considered if:

  • submitted after the closing date/time of the public consultation;
  • presented in any form other than what is provided in the online questionnaire;
  • is not related to the contents of the report: ‘LEXiCON Methodology: Creating Relevant Authorities and Achieving Consensus’; and
  • contains complaints, irrelevant or offensive statements or materials.

If you have any issues completing the consultation questionnaire, please contact

The Hub and CPA thank everyone who takes the time to consult and share their feedback.


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