CBI’s New Foundation report endorses the Value Toolkit

We’re delighted with the CBI’ New Foundation report, which recognises that “the Value Toolkit’s role in creating and embedding a shared definition of value in the construction industry should not be underestimated.”

Welcoming the report, Keith Waller, Programme Director at the Construction Innovation Hub said:

This is a timely report that underlines the invaluable work that the Hub is undertaking and the vision we are driven by. The standardised approach we are working towards will deliver a laser-like focus on project outcomes that will deliver value beyond the bottom line, and positively affect communities and those who live in them for decades to come. The Toolkit model also improves efficiency, and will ensure a more collaborative relationship between clients and suppliers throughout the whole life of a project.

I am delighted that the CBI supports the Toolkit being used to complement the Construction Playbook, and we will work with them and others to ensure this happens. As the report recommends, we hope contractors, architects, consultants, and suppliers advocates for the #ValueToolkit to drive its adoption and ensure we can deliver innovative,  transformative answers to the challenges of today which will meet the needs of tomorrow.”

The Value Toolkit is currently in testing phase ahead of an industry-wide launch later in 2022.

Read the full CBI’ New Foundation report here.

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