Construction Innovation Hub’s 2021 round up

It’s been a busy year for the Construction Innovation Hub. Along with the rest of the construction and built environment sector, we rose to the challenges presented by a pandemic which pressed pause on the world. Despite this, we redoubled our efforts to transform construction by developing and delivering solutions to today’s problems which will create a better tomorrow.

Joining this webinar will give you an update on all we have been working on this year and what the future holds. From our Value Toolkit which has been robustly endorsed by the CBI, which has stated that “across the [construction] industry, contractors, architects, consultants, and suppliers should be advocates for the Toolkit”, to our Platform Programme, International Programme and Information Management workstream, we continue to co-develop solutions that enable better decision-making, drive digital transformation, improve delivery and accelerate sector recovery.

Our Impact Directors influenced the debate at UK Construction Week, delving into topics such as emerging technologies, sustainability and how to embed value in every project. This webinar will dive into how we’ve championed the Construction Playbook and support the TIP Roadmap, while taking on new challenges and further underlining our commitment to innovation and collaboration.

And that is not it; with the agreement of the Glasgow Climate Pact at COP26, the Hub is energised and ready to support the Glasgow agreement and we’ll be giving more details of how we plan to channel expertise and shape policy development to meet the climate change challenge and reaching net zero. Following our updates, you will have the opportunity to ask us the questions that matter most to you.

Hear from:

  • Keith Waller, Programme Director
  • Trudi Sully, Impact Director
  • David Philp, Impact Director
  • Gill Kelleher, Impact Director

You can watch a recording of the webinar by registering here.

09/12/2021 - 09/12/2021
11:00 am
Webinar - remote