Join us at the upcoming Value Toolkit events in November

The Value Toolkit is a government backed initiative designed to change the way the construction industry thinks about and measures value.

Developed in partnership with more than 200 experts from across government and industry, the Value Toolkit guides clients through a series of integrated activities, supported by innovative tools and detailed guidance. It empowers clients and policy makers to make more informed, value-based decisions by providing clients and industry with a more consistent approach to communicating, measuring and realising value within projects, programmes and portfolios.

Join the Construction Innovation Hub in upcoming webinars and conferences where updated information about the Value Toolkit is shared.

10th November 2021
ACE Wales Conference – Value based delivery
Where: Online

The consultancy and engineering sectors have a huge amount to offer in terms of technical skills, innovation and knowledge.  This conference will share an upbeat message around harnessing this expertise to revolutionise how we plan and deliver a prosperous and green economy for future generations.

Speakers include Ellie Jenkins, Value Toolkit Integrated Project Lead, Construction Innovation Hub.

18th November 2021
CE Midlands Construction Summit

Where: Birmingham Conference and Events Centre

The theme this year of the CE Midlands Construction Summit is Building Greener + Smarter + Safer

Speakers include  Ian Nicholson, Value Toolkit Delivery Lead, Construction Innovation Hub.

30th November 2021
Constructing Excellence Conference 2021
Where: Skyloft Millbank Tower, London, SW1P 4QP & Online

After an unprecedented period of change, the Constructing Excellence Conference is back. This hybrid event will look at the value construction brings and how we maximise that for the people that work in the industry, the society we serve and the planet that we live in.

In line with CE’s focus on putting words into action, the conference aims to provide insight into the art of the possible, inspire change and provide practical examples of implementation.

Speakers include Ron Lang, Chief Technical Officer, Construction Innovation Hub.


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10/11/2021 - 30/11/2021
4:30 pm