Platform Programme: Rulebook development progress published

The Construction Innovation Hub’s Platform Programme has published the findings from a series of consultation workshops and development activity conducted over recent months that has informed the development of a Product Platform Development Framework and the structure of the pending Product Platform Rulebook.

Platform Programme: The Road to the Rulebook is available to read here.

The Hub is developing a rulebook of open access guidance, key processes and approaches to enable the market to develop product platforms and deliver infrastructure via a platform approach.

Seven consultation workshops were held in April and May 2021 involving 124 stakeholders across the built environment client base and supply chain. Each session consisted of presentations to the participants, and a focused workshop activity to collate feedback.

There was a consensus from the consultation groups that to enable product platforms, demand would need to be aggregated, a perspective strongly supported within the Construction Playbook. This has led to the creation of a Product Platform Development Framework – a roadmap to enable a structured and consistent approach to developing and deploying product platforms to meet an aggregated demand.

The  report also offers definitions of key terms related to product platforms and the activities described in the Product Platform Development Framework to help create a common language for product platforms.

The first draft of the Product Platform Rulebook will be published during the first quarter of 2022. The Hub would like to thank all of the organisations who participated in the Rulebook Consultation sessions, and invites further feedback here.

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