The decisions we make today will shape our future. The Construction Innovation Hub’s vision is a world where our built environment improves quality of life, delivers greater social value, reduces environmental impact and is delivered by a world-leading, innovative and sustainable industry.

The Hub is developing solutions that will help drive the transformation of the sector. We’re pioneering ways in which buildings and infrastructure are procured, designed, delivered and operated to deliver market-ready products and processes that will shape our future built environment, ensuring safety, quality and value.  

In close collaboration with government, academia, industry and partners across the Transforming Construction Challenge, we are guiding a collaborative programme, using world-leading processes and technologies, to create a market with the capability and capacity needed to deliver the UK’s construction and infrastructure needs. 

This collective innovation will drive adoption of manufacturing-led approaches to construction, digital tools and secure, connected data that support sector growth and open export opportunities, accelerating recovery and the transformation to a future-ready sector.

Our four core themes

Our transformative programme is structured around the four core themes of Value, Manufacturing, Assurance and Digital.

Each theme is led by an impact director and draws on the unique expertise of the Hub’s three partner organisations, as well as our industry and government partners, to ensure that we are delivering impact in the way buildings are designed, manufactured, integrated and connected within our built environment.

Our key objectives

To ensure our transformative programme delivers a lasting impact, we are:

  • Working with five government departments (Health, Justice, Education, Defence and Transport) to support their adoption of the Transforming Infrastructure Performance presumption in favour of offsite by 2019;
  • Combining this support with research to understand how the industry must change in terms of skills, product standards, capacity and innovation;
  • Developing, prototype, test and demonstrate standardised construction platforms (assemblies, components and rulesets) – for social infrastructure and applications to other build types;
  • Developing new digital approaches to quality control, testing & validation, and regulatory compliance;
  • Working with the housing sector and major infrastructure projects to help to transfer the learning to other build types;
  • Undertaking an academic programme to support the creation of frameworks and rules which will underpin the future digital built environment and grow exports for UK knowhow;
  • Ensuring that standards, product data and architectures are developed and made available to the construction manufacturing supply chain to deliver against and to support UK export growth;
  • Embedding security-mindedness into the programme to ensure management of data, design and product information minimises physical, cyber and digital security risks; and,
  • Working with and through the wider Transforming Construction Challenge (TCC) programme, industry networks and government stakeholders to ensure aligned effort and maximise transformational impact.

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