Alasdair Reisner

Chief Executive, Civil Engineering Contractors Association

Alasdair brings expert representation of the UK’s civil engineering contractors to the Industry Advisory Board. The civil engineering industry is a critical element of our nation’s infrastructure and the knowledge and insight that Alasdair has makes him the ideal advocate for contract engineers nationwide.

Alasdair is the Chief Executive of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA). CECA is the representative body for the UK’s civil engineering contractors who build and maintain the nation’s critical infrastructure networks in the key sectors of transport, energy, water, waste, and communications. CECA represents over 300 contractors of all sizes, employing close to 200,000 people between them and covering approximately 80% of the civil engineering market in Great Britain.

CECA members deliver projects worth approximately £15 billion annually and are responsible for building and maintaining infrastructure that helps to support economic sustainability and improve quality of life for communities across the UK.

Alasdair became involved with the Hub in 2019 because he believes the construction industry is “on the cusp of a revolution” and wanted to help support the transformation and deliver better outcomes for all. In addition to his involvement with the Industry Board, Alasdair has also been consulting on the development of the Hub’s Value Toolkit programme, with a specific focus on skills and training for industry.