Sam Stacey

Challenge Director, Transforming Construction, UK Research & Innovation

As a recognised British construction industry leader and regular commentator on the topic of construction innovation, Sam brings a wealth of insight and expertise to the Hub Board.

Since 2018 he has been Challenge Director for Construction at UKRI, implementing the Sector Deal for Construction as part of the UK’s 2017 Industrial Strategy. With a background in structural engineering, design and R&D, supported by Architectural and Civil Engineering degrees, Sam’s vision is for an industry that is more collaborative in its approach, focusing as much on building increasingly long-term commercial relationships as on the projects it constructs.

Sam became involved with the Hub at its inception in 2018 as he was keen to explore the possibilities of platform and value-led approaches to construction and how they may enable a shift in public procurement helping drive the industry to being more focused on whole life value of projects and relationships than the traditional “transactional approach”.

Sam’s vision is for an industry that wastes less time, energy and materials in delivering high-quality, sustainable buildings through utilising the latest design, manufacturing and construction techniques. He’s confident that this approach will help to create more secure and appealing careers, which will in turn help to attract the top talent to the industry, making it truly world-class.