Platform Design Open Call How to get involved

Applications for the Open Call have now closed. 

We can confirm that a new Design Standards Board for the Platform Design programme, chaired by award-winning architect and National Infrastructure Commissioner, Sadie Morgan, has been appointed. The Board will define the rules for how components and elements can be connected, installed and assembled, setting out both the physical and digital requirements that Platform components must meet.

An independent judging panel will also be appointed to work alongside the Hub team to select successful applicants based on these agreed criteria. More details of the judging panel will be communicated in due course.

In due course, we will also provide more granular detail on the assessment and section criteria – both what we will be measuring and how this will be weighted. Applicants should note that our assessment and section criteria will be aligned with the ambitions of the wider Transforming Construction Challenge and the Construction Sector Deal. Applicants can expect the assessment and section criteria to include a range of measures that go beyond a simple demonstration of technical compliance and cost. They will also include whole life performance, demonstration of how the solution also supports broader social, economic and environmental ambitions. We will also seek to measure the ethical standards of products and suppliers.

The Construction Innovation Hub will manage collaborative teams, made up of industry partners, to deliver a suite of construction components that integrate on to the Construction Innovation Hub Platform. The proof-of-concept building will validate the principle of using a collaborative platform approach to deliver a range of building types capable of meeting the requirements of multiple UK Government departments.

Therefore, participating in the Open Call has the potential to unlock a strong pipeline of work for participants.

Why get involved with the Platform Design Programme?

If your business currently supplies or has ambitions to supply technology, products or services to the construction sector, here is what it takes to get involved with the largest ever Government-backed construction sector R&D programme.

You need to:

  • Be prepared to collaboratively develop your technology with a cross-industry community led by a Construction Innovation Hub mentor
  • Commit to a period of 300+hrs of in-kind work in order to develop a building component and integrate it on to the platform or support the delivery of the programme and proof-of-concept building between December 2019 and December 2020
  • Have a UK base with a willingness to develop manufacturing/construction capability in the UK.

In return, the opportunities for your business are:

  • Successful applicants will get detailed support from world-class manufacturing, performance and digital experts from across the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), BRE and the Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) to develop and refine their products, technologies or services
  • You will be invited to a series of workshops being run alongside the design/make/test period tailored to a) upskill participants with the knowledge required to deliver a platform-based building and b) to introduce participants to the capabilities and approaches used by the centres involved with delivering the Construction Innovation Hub and how they may be able to help you deliver improved products and services
  • Businesses will see their innovative product/service incorporated into and widely showcased on a proof-of-concept building, which will demonstrate how these solutions can be applied across a wide range of UK government projects for vital new buildings. We aim to bring forward and help develop the very best from UK industry
  • Building on the Infrastructure & Projects Authority’s recent call for evidence on a Proposal for a New Approach to Building, we will follow a Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) approach, allowing new buildings to be configured from a pre-defined ‘kit of parts’, which are proven to demonstrate greater whole-life value, better safety and quality and which will improve the overall performance of buildings – all central criteria demanded from a successful Construction Sector Deal
  • Platform solutions that have been successfully delivered through this programme will therefore have the opportunity to be incorporated into this new ‘kit of parts’ opening up market opportunities at scale across the government projects and beyond.