Platform Design Open Call Application Information

Construction Innovation Hub Platform Design Programme

Instruction to Applicants

  1. The Hub is searching for collaborative design teams to respond to the Platform Design Programme Open Call with a solution for 1 or more of the 13 Building Systems that we have identified as required to deliver our Construction Platform
  2. At this stage of the Open Call, applicants are expected to have:
    1. Registered interest on our webpages
    2. Completed a Give/Get card hosted on our online Conceptboard
    3. Reached out to potential partners to form a collaborative team using the contact information on our online Conceptboard
    4. Identified which role you occupy
    5. Identified which Building System(s) you wish to develop
    6. Established a collaborative design team
  3. Please complete the following application form which details you and your collaborative partners, the Building System(s) that you wish to supply and the benefits of your proposed system
  4. The purpose of this application question set is to confirm that your contribution to the Platform Design Programme is aligned to the benefit areas that the Construction Innovation Hub is measured against
  5. The development of the Hub Platform is forecast to span 18 months commencing in January 2020. Completing this application signals that you and your collaborative partners agree to:
    1. Attend a monthly workshop where the Hub Platform will be developed
    2. A period of work in kind to develop your Building System such that it can be integrated on to the Hub Platform. Time spent on the Platform Design Programme is to be recorded and submitted to the Hub on a monthly basis as this counts toward our match funding arrangements with UKRI
    3. Share all forward IP as per the terms set out in the Collaboration Agreement.

Construction Innovation Hub Platform Design

Programme Timeline

CIH Platform Design Programme Timeline

Construction Innovation Hub Platform Design Programme

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