Platform Programme

The Hub’s Platform Programme team is working alongside industry and Government to define the need and establish a clear route for industry and clients to adopt a platform approach, one that will enable industry to meet the evolving needs of future infrastructure.


The Platform Programme helps improve sector productivity whilst ensuring high standards of quality and performance of our infrastructure for future generations.

Encouraging innovation and enabling market evolution.

The Hub’s Platform Programme is a collaboration of industry leaders, peers and Government to develop, prototype, test and demonstrate the fundamentals of a platform approach that encourages innovation within offsite construction and future-proofs industry.

The Hub has published the beta Product Platform Rulebook for consultation.

Developed with the Hub’s industry partners, the Rulebook addresses the Government’s ambitions – set out in the Construction Playbook and TIP Roadmap – to accelerate the development and adoption of solutions to deliver our future schools, hospitals and homes – boosting productivity, innovation and quality.

It is an open-access guide to support industry – clients, consultants, contractors, manufacturers and product suppliers – in building capability and capacity to develop and deploy product platforms to meet demand.

Publication follows stakeholder consultation and industry involvement in developing the Rulebook, which not only defines a set of seven guiding Rules but also introduces a ‘Product Platform Development Framework’ – detailed steps to guide anyone seeking to develop and deploy product platforms.

The needs of government, clients and industry have been at the heart of development. This will be a tool that both demand and supply side can use to help the delivery of the future pipeline of projects and programmes. It will encourage clients to harmonise requirements and specify a platform approach with confidence – secure in the knowledge that this will improve safety, performance, and quality criteria.

Read the beta Product Platform Rulebook here.

Lee Rowley MP, Minister for Business and Industry:

Platform-based approaches are an example of how we can use digital and offsite manufacturing technologies to drive the transformation of the construction industry in the UK, improving its performance and delivering better outcomes for clients.

This Platform Rulebook will help both construction clients and firms in the supply chain adopt more standardised parts by using product platforms to deliver new buildings and infrastructure, significantly improving productivity, quality, safety and sustainability.”

Hub Director Keith Waller:

The publication is about driving the schools, hospitals, homes and buildings of the future. Designed with built-in mechanisms for continuous improvement and the opportunity for synchronisation and streamlining as both capability and capacity grow.

The collaboration involved to get to this point has been exceptional – our beta Rulebook has been produced by industry and today marks the start of a further round of consultation. I look forward to seeing the Rulebook evolve as it becomes the basis for Platform approaches.”

Quality Assurance & Validation

Construction Product Quality Planning (CPQP) provides an integral part of the rulebook providing structured quality planning processes for introducing new products, from the concept phase through to manufacturing and first-time installation. More information about CPQP can be found here.


Driving efficiency and quality in construction manufacturing resulting in a more resilient and effective infrastructure fit for future needs.


Creating a pipeline of opportunity for industry whilst simultaneously reducing the skills gap by creating new and more appealing jobs.


CPQP is a quality planning process aimed at enterprises that design, manufacture and use construction products through manufacturing-led approaches.