Platform Programme

The Hub’s Platform Programme team is working alongside industry and Government to define the need and establish a clear route for industry and clients to adopt a platform approach, one that will enable industry to meet the evolving needs of future infrastructure.


The Platform Programme helps improve sector productivity whilst ensuring high standards of quality and performance of our infrastructure for future generations.

Encouraging innovation and enabling market evolution.

The Hub’s Platform Programme is a collaboration of industry leaders, peers and Government to develop, prototype, test and demonstrate the fundamentals of a platform approach that encourages innovation within offsite construction and future-proofs industry.

The programme will produce the Platform Rulebook – an open-access series of key processes that, over time, will help to design out common failures within construction manufacturing and assembly. This will not only improve safety, quality, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the sector, but will also provide better outcomes for the people that matter most, the end users.

In addition, the programme simultaneously collaborates with Government in order to foster client demand, providing assurance and opportunity for industry that everyone is moving in the same forward direction.


Driving efficiency and quality in construction manufacturing resulting in a more resilient and effective infrastructure fit for future needs.


Creating a pipeline of opportunity for industry whilst simultaneously reducing the skills gap by creating new and more appealing jobs.

Discover more about how a platform-based approach is transforming the construction and manufacturing industry.

Defining the Need is a must-read for any organisation that wants to deliver innovative public sector construction. It has identified a clear market opportunity for platform construction systems across social infrastructure with departments that must comply with Government’s Construction Playbook.


The report contains a detailed analysis of a £50 billion five-year new-build pipeline that includes upcoming projects from the Department for Education (DfE), Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), Ministry of Justice (MoJ), and the Ministry of Defence (MoD).


The findings of Defining the Need are informing the development of the Hub’s Platform Rulebook, which will outline how to design, test, provide assurance for and develop the components, standards and practices.

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Defining the need report
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    How a platform-based approach to the design of construction manufacturing and assembly will help to improve infrastructure for future generations, based on findings from the Hub’s
    ‘Defining the Need’ report

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    billion has been identified as being suitable for delivery, in whole or in part, through a platform solution, from a £50 billion pipeline examined.

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    billion estimated as the value of the pipeline that could be delivered with the Hub’s Platform Construction System.


    different names for toilet spaces across the estate were identified in the research. This highlights the need for a common, machine–readable, way of naming spaces to accurately analyse and harmonise future demand.

    0 %

    of space types across the pipeline are not department specific — hallways, bathrooms and storage areas could be delivered with a standardised platform solution.

    0 %

    of spaces across the new build pipeline will be ‘Residential Spaces’, presenting a secondary market for the private sector.

    Over 40 partners contributing to the Platform Programme and counting

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      What our community think

      The IPA is delighted to be supporting the development of the Construction Innovation Hub’s Platform Design Programme, which closely aligns with our P-DfMA approach. The insights revealed by the Hub illustrate the enormous potential of the platform approach to transform how we build critical social infrastructure.”

      Will Varah , Infrastructure and Projects Authority

      Being part of this group is very important to us. We look forward to developing our belief, systems and benefits in an offsite engineered HybriDfMA ‘kit of parts’ future for the industry with the significant gains that such can deliver to all associated with the construction industry and very importantly society in general.”

      Nickie Brown , PCE Ltd

      We share the ambitions of the Platform Design Programme and are fully committed to developing deployment-ready, manufactured-off-site buildings that address all of the economic, societal, environmental and wellbeing needs of the end-users.”

      Rob Morrison , Ventive Ltd

      BAM is proud to be supporting the Construction Innovation Hub to deliver its Platform Design Program. This initiative will help us to foster collaborative innovation and encourage the wide spread adoption of offsite within the public sector. Leading to a step change in the way we deliver new buildings in the future.”

      James Wimpenny , BAM Construct UK

      The Platform Design Programme is the kind of project that fits SFS’s DNA perfectly. We are working with like-minded partners in the industry, developing new tools and methods of construction. Knowing you are part of something that will shape the future is exciting; not only are we looking forward to the outcome but what we will learn on the journey.”

      Andy Stolworthy , SFS Group Fastening Technology Ltd

      Information Management

      Discover how our Information Management project is supporting and accelerating the digital transformation of global construction.