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Buildings Client Group – Leading by example

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The Construction Innovation Hub was founded upon the spirit of collaboration. Our mission to transform the construction sector won’t be achieved by organisations working in isolation. Therefore, in order to evolve, as a whole and in a democratic fashion, we’re ensuring industry pulls together, in the same direction and at a similar pace.

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To support this need, the Hub enabled the launch of the Buildings Client Group (BCG) – a community of leaders within the built environment sector who advocate digital transformation within their own organisations, and the wider sector.

The Buildings Client Group has provided this diverse community of early adopters, leaders and advocates with a secure forum in which to share knowledge and insight from their own progress, whilst also learning and being inspired by the experiences of others. The support and insight members gain from each other helps them to grow in confidence and continue to push boundaries, clearing a path for others to follow.

The confidential nature of the group affords its members the freedom to share insights and practical advice, demonstrating both the challenges and successes they’ve faced within their organisations, without prejudice. This insight is sensitively translated to help provide inspiration and guidance to wider industry – delivering relatable scenarios and experiences that other organisations can learn from.

The Buildings Client Group’s membership is diverse in terms of digital maturity levels and corporate function in order that the insight generated is as broad reaching as possible. The shared collective vision is to transform our industry, helping to future-proof it and create greater resilience. As a result, the group establishes annual goals to help drive forward their own, and wider industry’s progress.

“It’s a group of early adopters who are leading the way – leading by example and taking some risks. What’s really important for me in this sort of forum is to be transparent about the bad and the good.”

BCG Member

“It’s very easy to become myopic in your own sector. That opportunity to see where the commonalities and the different perspectives are and that you can share different solutions is vital.”

BCG Member

“It’s great to see people getting really involved, starting to understand there’s an opportunity to have their input and help others along the way.”

BCG Member

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