Looking further than traditional value

Ian Roadnight, Procurement Partner for Property, Construction & FM at East Sussex County Council shares their experience with the Value Toolkit.

We were approached by our appointed contractor during the early phase of a School Expansion project to be involved in pilot of the Value Toolkit. The Value Toolkit is aligned to our desire to look further than traditional value delivered by our construction procurement so the opportunity to pilot this approach was very well received not only by myself but our stakeholders.

Whilst the amount of work and resource required presented a challenge, the benefits that this brought the team outweighed this challenge.”

The Value Toolkit approach allowed us to methodically and carefully consider the most relevant and beneficial outcomes we wanted to achieve from the project and align them with the organisational priorities and most importantly those of our communities.

It made us think in a way that we may not have without the structure and guidance provided by the Value Toolkit.”

A further benefit is that this approach allows additional opportunity to build valuable relationships across the supply chain partners and the project team, and perhaps allows the supply chain to understand the client in a way that it may not otherwise have. We have now developed the Outcomes Statement and Strategic Drivers and are now embedding these in the project, measuring them and hopefully, delivering on them as the project progresses.