Value Toolkit

The Value Toolkit will drive better social, environmental and economic outcomes through value-based decision making.

The construction sector has historically viewed value through the prism of cheapness, with lowest cost and risk often outranking value and outcomes for operators, users and the environment.

We need a different approach. One that reflects our shared ambition for a better built environment. An approach that allows our industry to innovate world-leading practices that deliver value in design, delivery and operation.

This is why the Construction Innovation Hub, together with its network of partners, is creating the Value Toolkit – a new process and supporting tools to drive better decision making, support the path to Net Zero, boost productivity and resilience, and deliver higher quality buildings.

By working together to support a permanent shift towards value-based decision-making, the Construction Innovation Hub and its partners are committed to helping UK construction build a better world through a better built environment. 

Step by step approach 

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Introducing the Value Toolkit 

Ann Bentley, Global Board Director at Rider Levett Bucknall and Value Toolkit Workstream Champion, presents the Value Toolkit and its ethos to ‘create an industry led approach to value-based decision making’.

Embracing a wider definition of value 

Natalie Cropp, Sustainability Director at Tony Gee and Partners and Relevant Authorities Working Group Chair explains the methodology behind the Value Toolkit.

Value creation for clients

Hannah Vickers, CEO at Association for Consultancy and Engineering and Value Toolkit Workstream Champion gives a glimpse on how the Value Toolkit can help maximise how value is delivered. 

Engaging with the supply chain

Alison Nicholl, Head of Constructing Excellence and Value Toolkit Workstream Champion shares a summary of actual or perceived barriers to the adoption of value-based delivery models. 

Key publications 

The Market Enablers Interim Report sets out the findings for the Market Response Workstream of the Value Toolkit. The Workstream aims to engage closely with key parts of the supply chain to identify, and where possible to resolve, actual or perceived barriers to the adoption of value-based decision making. 

The findings are based on 12 structured online workshops, held in partnership with industry bodies and associations, involving 131 participants from 93 organisations. 

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