Value Toolkit

Developed in partnership with over 200 experts from across industry and Government to help redefine value and how to measure it.

The Value Toolkit enables value-based decision making focused on driving better social, environmental and economic outcomes, improving industry’s impact on current and future generations.

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The Value Toolkit is a government backed initiative designed to change the way the construction industry thinks about and measures value.

Redefining value to create better outcomes from every investment decision.

Decision making in construction has been historically driven by how much something cost, or how long it took to build. A project’s entire value was then measured against those two benchmarks.

However, in transforming the construction industry to deliver better outcomes, we reframed the definition of value, and how it can be measured a. Creating the opportunity for wider factors to be considered, improving the return on investment for society, the economy and the environment.

To help empower decision-makers to make more informed and policy-aligned decisions, the Construction Innovation Hub created the Value Toolkit – a new process and digital tools designed to change the way the construction industry make decisions right from the outset of the project or programme through the full investment lifecycle.

The Value Toolkit helps create a more holistic approach to defining value, surpassing cost and timeframe to help drive longer-term value with better outcomes for all.

This world-leading value-based methodology positions the UK construction sector, and its clients, at the forefront of conscious and informed decision-making.


The Value Toolkit is a framework designed to assist decision makers in navigating the metrics of holistic value measurement across the entire lifecycle of a project, programme or portfolio.


Decision making that considers the impact on society, the economy and the environment helps to create greater whole life value of our built environment and a more sustainable model for our industry.

Discover how your organisation can access and benefit from the Value Toolkit.

By embracing the Value Toolkit, you can make balanced, informed decisions, maximising the impact of your investments in the built environment and demonstrating the delivery of broader outcomes beyond traditional cost, time and quality.


You can gain access to expert advice on how to prioritise value-based decision making within your project planning process and make more informed and policy-aligned decisions for the future.


The Value Toolkit is applicable for public and private sector, and can be scaled so that all organisations in the built environment feel supported to make a change.

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    Integrated Process

    The Value Toolkit entails five complementary and interlinking streams: Value Definition, Client Approach, Risk, Measurement & Evaluation and Appointments. These streams are designed to evolve alongside industry and policy priorities, using continuous feedback loops to deliver insight on performance and effectiveness. When applied as collective measures they support a holistic approach to value-based decision making.

    Within each of these streams of the Value Toolkit there are steps, deliverables and decision points.

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    As part of the Value Definition stream
    of the Value Toolkit Integrated Process,
    the Value Definition Framework provides an industry-wide approach to the definition of value.

    Designed in collaboration with industry, the framework should be used to guide the identification, organisation and communication of the whole-life outcomes that are to achieved through specific projects, programmes and portfolios in the built environment.

    Value-based decision making is
    leading to better outcomes


    public and private sector organisations, 113 individuals, are testing the Value Toolkit on live projects to get better social, environmental and economic outcomes from our built environment.


    structured online and in-depth workshops have been held in partnership with industry bodies and associations to understand the benefits and perceived barriers of value-based decision making across the Construction and Infrastructure Sector.

    Over 200 partners from across government and industry contributing to the Value Toolkit community and counting.

    Keep up to date with the latest developments of the Value Toolkit and news about the Construction Innovation Hub.

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      What our community think

      The Value Toolkit will play a vital role in ensuring that Government departments, including DfE achieve optimal outcomes from their investments in critical buildings and infrastructure. This uniquely collaborative programme is a prime example of what can be achieved when Government and industry work in partnership to drive innovation and change.”

      Rory Kennedy , Department for Education

      Bringing together knowledge from over 200 experts from across government and industry, this toolkit will make it easier to determine the social and environmental benefits of the decisions made by firms in the construction sector, helping it continue its drive to cut emissions and build back better from the pandemic.”

      Rt Hon Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP

      The concept of procuring for value is on the cusp of becoming a credible delivery model. Bringing together CIOB, RIBA, RICS, Social Value UK and UKGBC to drive forward the development of the Value Toolkit is such an exciting step and I am delighted to be working with them and the Hub.”

      Ann Bentley , Construction Leadership Council

      Seeing the Value Toolkit team come together in such a collaborative way to develop this timely and empowering suite of tools and processes is a testament to how we can change our modus operandi and find new and innovative ways to deliver projects and assets together.”

      Conor McCarthy , WSP

      Whilst the Value Toolkit itself is solutions agnostic, its release to the mainstream promises a cultural shift that should unlock significant opportunities for the offsite sector. The market has long advocated a focus beyond immediate capital cost and instead towards broader benefits such as improved productivity, quality and certainty.”

      Jamie Hillier , Akerlof Ltd

      The Value Toolkit is the latest example of the industry coming together to overhaul its ways of working. As we sit in the driving seat for the country’s economic recovery there is a golden opportunity for change, and success depends on us grasping this with both hands.”

      David Whysall , Turner & Townsend

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