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Our vision is a world where our built environment improves quality of life, delivers greater social value, reduces environmental impact and is delivered by a world-leading, innovative and sustainable industry.


Driving the transformation of the construction sector

Our mission is to create better outcomes for current and future generations by driving the adoption of manufacturing and digital approaches that improve the delivery, resilience and performance of infrastructure.

Backed by Government, founding partners BRE, Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) and the Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) are collaborating with the Transforming Construction Challenge partners, along with over 300 organisations, industry bodies, policy-makers, practitioners, and academics to develop solutions that will keep driving the transformation of the construction sector forward. The aim of which is to create a market with the capability and capacity needed to protect the future of the UK’s construction sector whilst meeting the increasingly complex needs of our infrastructure.

Our holistic and integrated programme explores how advancing digital and manufacturing approaches and value-based decision-making can improve the productivity and economic viability of the sector whilst increasing its overall resilience for the future.



In addition to this, the approaches researched, tested and implemented through Hub’s projects also aim to deliver better social, environmental and economic value across a built asset’s lifecycle, creating a more sustainable built environment that benefits current and future generations.


We are setting world-leading precedents in what we are achieving and, through establishing a global network of partner nations, we are exporting our expertise and simultaneously creating unprecedented opportunities for global trade and collaboration.

Through collective innovation we are making progress,
by working together we will get there faster.

Our Story

May - 2011

The Government Construction Strategy was launched with BIM mandate, to stimulate growth in construction.

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July - 2013

Construction 2025, Industrial Strategy: government and industry in partnership was published, setting how industry and Government will work together to put Britain at the forefront of global construction.

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March - 2016

The Government Construction Strategy: 2016-2020 was launched, setting out a plan to deliver £1.7 billion efficiencies and 20,000 apprenticeships.

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April - 2016

The UK Government’s Building Information Modelling mandate officially came into effect so centrally procured public sector projects are now required to implement BIM at Level 2.

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November - 2017

The Government white paper Industrial Strategy: Building a Britain fit for the future was published, creating four ‘sector deals’ to cover construction, life sciences, the automotive industry and artificial intelligence.

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December - 2017

The Government’s long-term Transforming Infrastructure Performance Strategy was launched to increase the effectiveness of investment in economic and social infrastructure.

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July - 2018

The Construction Sector Deal was launched, setting out an ambitious partnership between government and industry that aims to transform the sector’s productivity.

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July - 2018

The National Digital Twin programme (NDTp) was launched and set up to deliver key recommendations of the National Infrastructure Commission’s 2017 ‘Data for the Public Good Report’.

November - 2018
The Construction Innovation Hub was launched.
The Hub was awarded £72m by UKRI following a nationwide competition as part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund to drive innovation and technological advances in the UK construction and infrastructure sectors.
July - 2019
The Platform Design Programme was announced through an Open Call at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry.
June - 2020

The Construction Roadmap to Recovery Plan was published by the Construction Leadership Council to drive the recovery of the construction sector and the wider UK economy following the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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July - 2020

The Value Toolkit was unveiled to change the way the construction industry thinks about and measures value.

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December - 2020

The Construction Playbook was launched, outlining how the UK Government will work with the construction industry to ensure public sector works are delivered quicker, better and greener. It outlines what the Government expects from these works, which range from new roads and railway lines, to schools, hospitals and prison.

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March - 2021

The Global BIM Network, supported by the Construction Innovation Hub and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, was launched to connect international public sector representatives, multi-lateral organisations and infrastructure funders to advance the digitalisation of the global built environment.

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September - 2021

The Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) published the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline 2021 and Transforming Infrastructure  Performance: Roadmap to 2030, both of which outline projected investment of nearly £650bn in the UK’s infrastructure over the rest of the decade, and articulate a consistent shared vision for the future of the built environment.

The Transforming Construction Challenge is an integral part of the Construction Sector Deal, aiming to accelerate the shift in construction towards manufacturing and digital processes and a value outcome approach.

The Construction Sector Deal's targets are:

  • 33% reduction in the initial cost of construction and the whole life cost of built assets

  • 50% reduction in the overall time, from inception to completion, for new build and refurbished assets

  • 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment

  • 50% reduction in the trade gap between total exports and total imports for construction products and materials


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