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The ‘World of What If…’

What if a story could spark change?

The Construction Innovation Hub is launching an interactive site entitled ‘The World of What if…?’. The site poses a range of questions prompting audiences to consider a progressive society where sustainable innovations within construction help to improve social, environmental and economic outcomes.

Visitors can navigate through the individual illustrated ‘story islands’, each featuring a question related to a current initiative, or research study that the Hub is collaborating on with partners across the UK.

Every week for three weeks, starting from Thursday 4 November, we will unveil new ‘story islands’ in our social media channels.

Join us to learn how sustainable innovation is transforming UK construction.

What if… sustainability was at the heart of decision making?

Discover how, by redefining what value means, success can be defined by saving more than just cost and time.

Spark of change – Timber in schools

Discover how engineered timber may hold the key to unlock an additional 120,000 school places for children across the UK.

What if… we could build for better patient care?

Discover how a collaborative approach to the design and construction of healthcare buildings can improve patient outcomes.

Spark of change – Tackling regional inequalities with offsite manufacturing

Learn about research being conducted to ensure industry innovations are beneficial to everyone, nationwide.

What if… schools paved the way to Net Zero?

Discover how evolution in the design and build of schools will help to enrich future generations and protect the planet.

Coming soon

Spark of change – The future of reinforced concrete

Discover the innovation that could improve the carbon footprint of construction’s most widely used material.

Coming soon