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UK Construction Week 2022

Tuesday 03 May 2022 - Thursday 05 May 2022
Time 1:30 PM
Location ExCeL London

UK Construction Week is the UK's largest construction event. The event brings together all stakeholders within the built environment across every facet of design, build and product innovation.

From Tuesday 3 May to Thursday 5 May at ExCeL London, you can attend sessions dedicated to knowledge sharing, championing good practice and problem solving. It's the perfect environment for the whole industry to look, talk, plan, learn and do business; providing answers for what, when, where and how we build our future.

Check out some of the sessions where you can hear the latest news from the Hub:

Tuesday 3 May -

  • ‘The role of DCOM in enabling the golden thread.’
    • Join Ahmed Alnaggar, Digital Construction Lead, at the Digital Construction Hub from 13:30.

Wednesday 4 May -

  • ‘How standardising systems & processes offers greater flexibility.’
    • Join Trudi Sully, Impact Director and partners at the Offsite Alliance Hub from 11:30.
  • ‘The industry's journey to the digital transformation.’
    • Join Dave Philips, Impact Director and partners at the Offsite Alliance Hub from 12:45.
  • ‘Transforming Construction: How to make a new industry.’
    • Join Trudi Sully, Impact Director, and partners at the UKCW Main Stage from 15:30.

Thursday 5 May -

  • ‘The Value Toolkit and Value-based Decision Making.’
    • Join Keith Waller, Programme Director, and Ellie Jenkins, Value Toolkit Integrated Lead, at the UKCW main stage from 10:30.

For further information and to register for your tickets, visit: www.ukconstructionweek.com.