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BSI Flex - Built environment: Value-based decision making

BSI Flex 390 was recently released by BSI and is sponsored by the Construction Innovation Hub and draws on one of our primary projects, the Value Toolkit. The Hub brings together expertise from the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) and BRE to transform the UK construction industry. In close collaboration with government, academia, industry and partners across the Transforming Construction Challenge, the Hub is guiding a collaborative programme to create a market with the capability and capacity needed to deliver the UK’s construction and infrastructure needs. Developed in partnership with more than 200 experts from across government and industry, the Value Toolkit is a government backed initiative designed to change the way the construction industry thinks about and measures value.

What is BSI Flex 390 v.2.0, Built environment - Value-based decision making about?

The UK built environment sector traditionally sees value in financial terms, or in terms of cost and quality. BSI Flex 390 v2.0:2023-03 is the second version of a new Flex standard designed to help users implement a consistent approach to value-based decision, with value seen in terms of four pillars: natural, human, social and produced. Complementary to existing processes and systems, this BSI Flex can help users make value-based decisions that drive better social, environmental and economic outcomes.

What does it cover?

It specifies requirements for implementing a consistent approach to value-based decision making throughout the lifecycle of an asset and within the inter-related processes undertaken in the management of a built environment project.

It utilizes a Value Definition Framework to help users consider value in terms of four overarching pillars: natural, human, social and produced.

BSI Flex 390 v.2.0 is intended to:

  • Be applied to and implemented in project investment, procurement planning, optioneering and design decisions relating to all types of assets, regardless of size, complexity or chosen procurement strategy.
  • Enable objectives to be developed and validated to establish a clear sustainability-based performance related brief for any programme or project.
  • Enable policy objectives to be delivered more effectively, as well as the delivery of sustainable outcomes.
  • Operate in the context of wider management processes, including project management, value and change management, and whole lifecycle intervention decisions.
  • Supplement competencies in many existing roles within organizations, their supply chain and teams.

Find the full BSI Flex 390 v.2.0 document and press release on the BSI website here.