Statement: CLC recovery plan is key milestone in journey towards sector transformation

The Construction Leadership Council’s COVID-19 task force has launched its Construction Roadmap to Recovery, a three-stage industry recovery plan which will be carried out over the next two years.

Responding to the publication of the CLC Roadmap to Recovery, Construction Innovation Hub Programme Director, Keith Waller said:

We strongly support the CLC’s efforts to develop a comprehensive plan which will see the sector not only recover, but emerge from the current crisis stronger and better.

For our part as the Hub, we’ve already begun to adapt our transformative programme to ensure that we can support the delivery of the CLC plan, in particular driving the adoption of digital and manufacturing technologies and processes, underpinned by a truly value-based approach to decision-making.

As we get Britain building again, it is vital that we do so with a collective determination to embed new and better ways of doing things, so that we are laying the foundations for a more sustainable future for construction and not simply picking up where we left off.”


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