May 2022 edition of Hub in Focus Copy

The Construction Innovation Hub is delighted to share with you the May edition of Hub in Focus, a round-up of all our latest news and insights from across the industry.

Included in this month’s edition of our newsletter is a message from our Programme Director, Keith Waller, on our new Beta Product Platform Rulebook. We also have a reminder on our Value Toolkit Supporter Statements and what our partner organisations have said about the toolkit.

You can learn more about our LEXiCON project and how BSI has been looking into Product Data Templates. View our new Information Management Roadmap that highlights how the Hub outputs have helped to build industry skills, capabilities and networks, the tools that can help organisations in their own digital transformation.

Listen to a new podcast episode on Transforming UK construction through innovation with Keith Waller and Mike Pitts and Sam Stacey from UKRI.

For all of that and much more, please access the May 2022 edition here.

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Projects: Information Management, International Programme, Platform Programme, Value Toolkit