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Over 200 partners, from across government and industry, contributing to the Value Toolkit community and counting. Here’s what they say.

“I used the Value Toolkit with a strategy working group as part of strategy development for the initiative and articulated a value definition which forms a core part of the strategy document. The process of using the toolkit helped get clarity and alignment on the strategic drivers and outcomes.”

Tim Podesta
Consultant, Independent
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“The Value Toolkit will be a vital resource to support the construction sector to consider the lifecycle of a project holistically. This will put the environment and social impact to be at the core of decision-making. It’s important now for the industry to seize the opportunity to embed the new toolkit into everyday business.”

Victoria Hills
Chief Executive, Royal Town Planning Institute
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"The Value Toolkit enables value-based decision making focused on driving better social, environmental and economic outcomes, improving industry’s impact on current and future generations and providing the tools needed to tackle the challenges of tomorrow today."

Steve Thompson
Senior Specialist - Construction Standards, RICS
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“I would encourage more local authorities to trial and adopt the Value Toolkit approach to value definition to bring stakeholders together to set tangible outcomes for their projects, programmes and portfolios, that clearly link to the full range of policy priorities. It is in that cascade from policy to practice that we can drive better outcomes from the built environment.”

Ben Smallwood
Sustainability Project Manager- Major Projects, Bristol City Council
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“The Value Toolkit provides a means to clearly articulate what is important in terms of value. I’m delighted to see it being formally released to industry and look forward to the positive impact it has in supporting client organisations adopt an outcome-based approach to both project and programme delivery.”

Conor McCarthy
Associate Director, Commercial Advisory, WSP
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“The Value Toolkit provides a fantastic method of engaging at a deeper level with clients to thoroughly understand their needs and what is driving them to deliver projects. Being an early implementer in the trial phase of the Toolkit has bought us an improved understanding of the client - contractor relationship and how the benefits early contractor involvement can really be maximised. We look forward to using the toolkit with further clients in the future.”

Craig Stopper
Regional Construction Framework Manager, GF Tomlinson
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“This is a pivotal time for the industry, so we are delighted to support the design, development and roll-out of the Value Toolkit which will enable the industry to transform decision making to measure and achieve added value throughout the lifecycle of a project. We believe that the toolkit will not only allow for value-based decisions, but it will foster innovation and improve the quality of assets for future generations.”

Eddie Tuttle
Director of Policy, External Affairs and Research, CIOB
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"Akerlof has been involved in the Value Toolkit since the first days of its development as we view it as fundamental to driving towards the construction sector that we want to see. We have seen the enormous value it provides in helping clients to define and describe the social, environmental and economic outcomes they want to realise"

Ellie Jenkins
Partner, Akerlof
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“The Value Toolkit approach allowed us to methodically and carefully consider the most relevant and beneficial outcomes we wanted to achieve from a project and align them with the organisational priorities and most importantly those of our communities. It made us think in a way that we may not have without the structure and guidance provided by the toolkit.”

Ian Roadnight
Procurement Partner for Property, Construction & FM, East Sussex County Council
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"This approach allows additional opportunity to build valuable relationships across the supply chain partners and the project team, and perhaps allows the supply chain to understand the client in a way that it may not otherwise have. We have now developed the Outcomes Statement and Strategic Drivers and are now embedding these in the project, measuring them and hopefully, delivering on them as the project progresses."

Jenny Hughes
Climate Change and Social Value Manager, Stantec
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"Our customers are looking to reshape their decision-making process for capital investment in infrastructure assets, to balance global outcomes across social, environmental, and economic criteria. The Value Toolkit is a powerful tool to enable that journey.”

Jeremy Galpin
Social Value Consultancy Lead, Costain
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"As a strategic supplier to Government, we believe that the Construction Innovation Hub’s new Value Toolkit will be an essential tool in bringing the ambitions of the Construction Playbook to life. We see it as an important step in defining, delivering, and measuring how future construction projects will contribute to a better built environment."

Lewis Parker
Director, Kier Construction
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"The Value Toolkit represents an essential next step in the development of a meaningful framework for better decision making in our industry. it is the first tool that genuinely tries to shift the paradigm on by reflecting value in terms of impacts and outcomes on our quality of life and quality of the planet."

Chris Langdon
Development and Investment Director, Equans UK
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"Through employing value-based discussions right from the start of a project we can enable better value outcomes at different stages of a project’s lifecycle. Through employing value-based discussions right from the start of a project we can enable better value outcomes at different stages of a project’s lifecycle."

Daisie Rees Evans
Policy & Public Affairs Officer, CIOB
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"It's been a pleasure convening experts to define what Social and Human Capital means in the UK built environment industries and for the Value Toolkit. The project's cross-sector stakeholder engagement and collaborative design is one of it's key strengths and we look forward to seeing how this will continue to be manifested."

Charlotte Österman
Project Manager (Consultancy), Social Value UK
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