What could we achieve through a value-led approach? Share your thoughts with us

Many projects fail to realise their intended value. Even for projects that are delivered on time and on budget the anticipated benefits for users, the environment and wider society do not materialise. Why is this?​

The construction sector has historically viewed value through the prism of cheapness, with lowest cost and risk often outranking value and outcomes for operators, users and the environment. ​

We need a different approach. One that reflects our shared ambition for a better built environment. An approach that allows our industry to innovate world-leading practices that deliver value in design, delivery and operation.​

This is why the Construction Innovation Hub, together with its network of partners, is creating the Value Toolkit – a new process and supporting tools to drive better decision making, support the path to Net Zero, boost productivity and resilience, and deliver higher quality buildings.​

By working together to support a permanent shift towards value-based decision-making, the Construction Innovation Hub and its partners are committed to helping UK construction build a better world through a better built environment.

This week is UKCW Virtual 2020 and we are launching a social media campaign to spark an industry wide conversation on value-led approaches. The Hub and its partners are aiming to build on this campaign to create a value-led movement and generate momentum for wider sector transformation.

How to get involved:

  • Share on social media what value-based decision-making means to your organisation using hashtag  #ValueToolkit and tagging us @CIH_HUB
  • Actively encourage your networks to be part of the conversation #ValueToolkit
  • Share or retweet Construction Innovation Hub social media content
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