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Value Toolkit

Developed in partnership with over 200 experts from across industry and Government to help redefine value and how to measure it. The Value Toolkit enables value-based decision making focused on driving better social, environmental and economic outcomes, improving industry’s impact on current and future generations.

The Value Toolkit is a government backed initiative designed to change the way the construction industry thinks about and measures value.

Decision making in construction has been historically driven by how much something cost, or how long it took to build. A project’s entire value was then measured against those two benchmarks.

Together with over 200 partners in industry, academia and government, we have reframed the definition of value, and how it can be measured, through the Toolkit.

The Value Toolkit is a suite of tools to empower clients and policymakers to make value-based procurement decisions that will result in the environmental, social, and economic outcomes they want.

This world-leading value-based methodology positions the UK construction sector, and its clients, at the forefront of conscious and informed decision-making. The high-level methodology was published as a BSI Flex Standard in June 2022.

By embracing the Value Toolkit, you can make balanced, informed decisions, maximising the impact of your investments in the built environment and demonstrating the delivery of broader outcomes beyond traditional cost, time and quality.

You can gain access to expert advice on how to prioritise value-based decision-making within your project planning process and make more informed and policy-aligned decisions for the future.

The Value Toolkit is applicable for public and private sector, and can be used on single projects, across programmes or at an enterprise level.

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Over 200 partners from across government and industry contributing to the Value Toolkit community and counting.

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