LEXiCON: The new language of data management

Public consultation on critical project to streamline information sharing in construction launched.

Views are being sought on a critical project being developed by the Construction Innovation Hub (the Hub) and the Construction Products Association (CPA). The LEXiCON project is set to revolutionise data management in the construction industry to deliver increased productivity, sustainability and safety. It will standardise construction product data sharing on projects, allowing construction professionals to better use product information to optimise designs and improve digital records.

In a new report published for consultation today (July 7), the Hub and the CPA outline the benefits LEXiCON can deliver to:

  • Construction Industry Stakeholders, to build consensus about the process of product data management and help establish relevant authorities to facilitate this process;
  • Relevant Authorities, by using LEXiCON to create, maintain and publish Product Data Templates (PDTs);
  • Manufacturers, by using LEXiCON to retrieve PDTs to create, maintain and publish Product Data Sheets (PDSs); and
  • Wider construction industry, including designers, constructors, commissioning engineers, architects, and contractors, through using LEXiCON for a standardised industry approach towards formation and management of product data to request the creation of PDTs for key products and through the use of PDSs.

Keith Waller, Programme Director of the Construction Innovation Hub, said:

At its core, the LEXiCON project is about standardising product information and ensuring it is computer-readable, accessible, auditable, and traceable. LEXiCON will develop best practice for the creation and management of product data, which will ensure construction professionals to better use product information to optimise designs and improve digital records as we look to build back better and answer the challenges of an increasingly complex post-pandemic world.

As we publish this report, we are launching a public consultation on the processes LEXiCON advocates, to ensure we develop consensus with the construction industry and wider stakeholders.”

Peter Caplehorn, Construction Products Association CEO, said:

To date, all the effort the construction industry has put into digitalisation has been an approximation given that the digital information of products has not been available to join up with the rest of the sector. LEXiCON provides a vehicle to allow that to happen, and for the first time we will have a completely digitalised sector with a consensus built, consistent language.

It is vital that we hear back from industry, to reach our goal of producing a process that is both stringent and achievable in the aim of creating structured product information that is trusted, useable and complete. We encourage all those who create and use product information across the built environment to engage and welcome any feedback to help us refine our proposals.”   


Further Information 

  • For more information please contact: [email protected].
  • The Construction Innovation Hub and Construction Products Association are developing the LEXiCON project to support manufacturers in sharing product information freely across industry.
  • Barriers to obtaining product information also slows the uptake of accurate digital records needed to create a golden thread of asset information. Hence, there is a clear need to streamline this process so that manufacturers can share the data and information they hold in a standardised way allowing construction professionals to better use product information to optimise designs and improve digital records.
  • The Government’s Construction Playbook has called for the sector to harmonise, rationalise, and digitise to improve its safety, sustainability, and productivity. Despite various initiatives to harmonise construction product information and make it both human-readable and machine-interpretable, it is still developed and consumed in diverse and unconnected ways. Such fragmentation leads to product data creation and management processes that are inefficient, time consuming, costly, less collaborative, and therefore untraceable and lacking alignment with pending and new regulatory requirements and future working practices.
  • Lexicon Project milestones: teststetststtestststetsstcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccetstst
    • July – Public consultation launched;
    • Sept – Public consultation closed;
    • Nov – Response to the public consultation reviewed, public update shared; and
    • Nov – Commencement of LEXiCON proof of concept demonstrator and early adopters programme.
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